Families looking for some half-term entertainment will find fun for all at Medina Theatre, where Wight Strollers are performing Snow White this week.

It was great to see such a big, enthusiastic and lively cast and so many youngsters involved - the Wight Strollers' future is assured! 

There were some delightful scenes with the tiny tots getting their chance to shine, and lots of impressive dancing and acrobatics. 

There were some stand out performances.

John Woodford was on top form as Dame Nora Virus - he always guarantees the laughs, knows how to work the audience and brings the adult humour (making sure it goes right over the kids' heads).

Izzy Rudd was a strong Queen Cora and encouraged the boos and hisses from the get-go - the decibels reached by her screams were impressive if a little uncomfortable for the audience!

Isle of Wight County Press: Snow White and the henchmenSnow White and the henchmen (Image: Paul Bird Photography)

Emily Scotcher is a safe pair of hands in any role from Shakespeare to panto, and here she played Prince Fernando (cue the ABBA song) - but also managed to shoehorn in an impressive solo. Well, why waste that talent?!

Snow White was played sweetly by Maddison Hole who did brilliantly in such a big role, and she was ably supported by funny henchmen, a sweet fairy, a jokey jester and seven...miners.

Isle of Wight County Press: Elisa Jones as Mirror Mirror on the Wall Elisa Jones as Mirror Mirror on the Wall (Image: Paul Bird Photography)

Panto dwarves are not so PC these days so there were 'miners' instead (literally, their jobs were in mining). Likewise, Snow White gave her consent before the Prince kissed her (on the hand!).

The best scenes were the big ones, well choreographed and with plenty of energy - Snow White Party instead of S Club Party was particularly good -  "there ain't no party like a Snow White party"!

Also enjoyable were scenes with the miners. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Snow White and the seven... minersSnow White and the seven... miners (Image: Paul Bird Photography)

Isle of Wight County Press: Izzy Rudd and John Woodford in characterIzzy Rudd and John Woodford in character (Image: Paul Bird Photography)

The costumes and sets were really well-designed and worked brilliantly, from the walking talking Magic Mirror, to the Dame's outfit complete with platters of food, to the collapsing bed. Well done to all those behind the scenes - your work didn't go unnoticed! Great to have a live band too, and in full view.

There's only one chance left to see the show, and that is next Saturday, February 17. Proceeds go to charity.

Isle of Wight County Press: Paul Bird Photography Paul Bird Photography (Image: Paul Bird Photography)