Imagine (I appreciate this may be difficult for some) that you live on the mainland.

You’ve managed to secure a long weekend holiday with the family. It’s been a drizzly week so you’re  looking to cheer yourself up by booking a lovely break, when an advert for the Isle of Wight pops up on your screen. 

There’s a drone shot of a person paddle boarding in the middle of the sea, you see a couple in a little secluded cave miles away from anyone else, you see a man walking his dog along an empty beach, and a couple cycling in the middle of nowhere.

Does Visit Isle of Wight want you to think that there isn’t anyone living here?!  

They want to paint us as a quiet deserted Island where holidaymakers are free to roam without being disturbed by any strange looking locals.

You can paddle board to your hearts content without ever having your holiday spoilt by pesky people. 

I’ve been paddle boarding - hated it! I am a giant with very little balance so I am not the best person to attempt this pastime.

It looks lovely on Instagram but in reality you’re just desperately trying to stay upright as you slowly freeze your nicky nacky noos off looking at crumbling cliffs whilst trying to dodge some Southern Water sewage. 

The picture of this empty and silent island is far from the reality of this loud, lively island full of creativity and events.

We are an events island, rammed with festivals, music gigs, performances, carnivals, sporting events and so much more.

There’s the big beasts of the calendar but also so many other new events that pop up each year.

We have incredible people programming an array of amazing events from firm family favourites like the Garlic Festival, Mr Randini magic shows on the seafront, Derek Sandy gigs in pub gardens, cracking shows at Shanklin Theatre, parades through the street and a superb line up of bands at places like Strings.

Support them, showcase them, put them on the poster!

People from the Island taking part in amazing things on the Island.

Not sunset pictures of couples sipping coffees in a bench in the middle of nowhere.

If I see another slow-motion ferry heading towards a sunset over a deserted island, I may scream!