THE solicitor representing an Isle of Wight man who threatened to kill his elderly mother in 999 calls to emergency services and to have another woman "cut up" and "gang-raped", described his client's actions to magistrates as a cry for help.

Daniel Jeavons, of Esplanade, Ryde, admitted sending malicious communications by telephone to the police and the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service on January 5, when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday (February 6).

The 32-year-old also admitted the same offence, making threats to a woman, between Wednesday last week (January 31) and Sunday.

In chilling calls, initially made to the police, Jeavons made a threat to kill his mother — stating he was going to leave his flat, armed with knives, with the intention of carrying his threat out, said Liz Miller, prosecuting.

The police called Jeavons back, who answered saying he would carry out the threat if they did not "lock him up".

Concerned for the welfare of his mother, officers attended her home as a protective measure.

She described the threats levelled against her as vile.

Police also received a call from the ambulance service, informing them they received a similar call.

Regarding the other message, to an acquaintance on her voicemail, Jeavons threatened to send someone to "cut her up" and "get her gang-raped".

For Jeavons, Michael McGoldrick said his client has a long history of mental health problems and his life at that time had "spiralled downhill".

"He drinks heavily most days to try to block everything out of his mind — and was even dabbling in class A drugs.

"He has very little recollection about the offences. It was a desperate cry for help.

"When the police called him back, the situation escalated."    

Jeavons also admitted to three charges of shoplifting at the Co-op, Morrisons and Sainsbury's in Ryde, between February 2and February 4, where he made off with a crate of Stella Artois beer, food and other alcohol.

Magistrates ordered a report on Jeavons, covering all sentencing options, including imprisonment.

He will be sentenced on March 22.