There are opportunities to paint and get involved, at a new art exhibition at Quay Arts in Newport.

Joined Up Thinking has been described as an active installation and is unusual in that it invites the public to add their own painted marks, disrupting the artist’s vision.

Paint is brushed onto see-through material so the marks merge with what is behind it, or to the side of it, or a reflection.

The artist behind the idea, Kathy Williams, said: “We all see something different and from different perspectives so instead of me showing paintings that are considered as correct and finished, I openly acknowledge we all see different things and invite people to add and take their own photos.

"When the exhibition ends, all that will be left are the pictures taken by the public, as a documentation, and the 3D painting becomes flat as a photograph."

As well as opportunities to use paint itself, there is an area on the wall with hooks where people can hang different dried paintings together - to discover what works for them.

Viewfinders are available to look through and find exciting personal compositions.

The exhibition is currently on in the Clayden Gallery which is open daily from 9am to 5pm, until February 17.