Stephen Rushbrook, Newport:

I don’t care. I’ll be the one to say it. Saving the Military Road is a pointless vanity exercise and a waste of good money for a ‘short term fix’ at vast expense, both financially and environmentally.

There are more important things and indeed roads to concentrate on (like what to do about Leeson Road).

It’s a nice road to be sure, but it is in the way of coastal erosion and built on extremely problematic geology that is pretty much guaranteed to keep slipping and falling no matter what is done.

More than that it is simply NOT an essential route.

Any engineering solution is going to cost too much and harm the aesthetics and ecology of the area too much, and even then would be a short term solution, as it might slow erosion, but it won’t stop it.

The road IS going disappear sooner or later, we just have to decide if simply delaying the inevitable is worth it.. TBH it really isn’t.