Plans for four residential lodges, which would have been built near an Isle of Wight cliff edge, have been shelved, for now.

The plans for Shore Road in Bonchurch were submitted at the end of November — just days before a major landslip further up the coast saw residents evacuated from their houses.

The plans to build more at Riviera Park had garnered a backlash of objections from the community, who feared the lodges would destabilise the cliff and be an overdevelopment of the area.

Isle of Wight County Press:

According to the Isle of Wight Council, the plans were removed from its consideration yesterday (Tuesday, January 30).

No reason has publicly been given for the withdrawal.

The lodges were put forward as part of a bigger plan by Bembridge company, Island Escapes, for the redevelopment of the former Westfield Holiday Centre.

One objector said: "It would seem at best ill-advised and at worst downright dangerous to attempt any development on this very piece of fragile land."

Ventnor Town Council 'strongly opposed' the plans and raised significant concerns about the ground stability in the area.

Riviera Park residents say the area is already very congested and the consequences of development would be huge for the beauty and nature of the area.