Plans to transform dilapidated buildings and a former boatyard overlooking an Isle of Wight harbour have been withdrawn.

In the summer last year, proposals were lodged by Mr M. Meisels to build on land on Embankment Road in Bembridge — bringing together three parcels of land: Bembridge Boatyard, Pilots House and Quayside.

A new house and 19 industrial units could have been built but, according to the Isle of Wight Council, the plans have been pulled from consideration.

No reason has been publicly given for the withdrawal.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Isle of Wight County Press:

The proposals had been met with concern from the community, with Bembridge Parish Council saying it was a 'huge overdevelopment' of the site and would lead to further reduction in the strategic gap between the village and St Helens.

The proposed 'Pilots House' could have included a media room, pool, five bedrooms and a roof terrace area but the parish council said it was 'enormous' and would dominate the area.

The site looks out towards Bembridge Harbour and backs onto Brading Marshes.

Bembridge Houseboat Owners Association also objected to the plans saying the property would overlook a number of houseboats and the proposed balconies would impact on privacy.

Other concerns were raised by multiple parties about the lack of detail and assessments submitted in the application process.