Senior staff are being 'consulted' over changes at two Isle of Wight schools and a sixth form as the federation behind them prepares to 'disband', the executive headteacher has said.

Matthew Parr-Burman has told the County Press he cannot rule out redundancies within the Isle of Wight Education Federation (IWEF), but he confirmed neither Carisbrooke nor Medina College will close.

Yesterday it was announced both schools and the Island IV Form would 'go their separate ways' after 12 years.

The federation said the 'more separate approach' should not adversely affect the day-to-day experience of students and parents.

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Asked what this will mean for the schools going forward, Mr Parr-Burman said: "It means that the schools will continue to run as they are, then once there are headteachers in place from September 2025, they will have to make the decision about how to run their own school."

He said the decision to disband came about because the schools "have not improved enough" and GCSE results are "not where they should be".

He said when he joined six years ago, he vowed that if he could not improve the schools in five years then they would have to "try something different".

Quoting Albert Einstein, he said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result".

Mr Parr-Burman said senior staff are to be consulted about the structure around how the schools will operate.

He said he cannot rule out redundancies and any decision made is about improving the schools and is not financially driven.

He said staff have been encouraged to ask questions and a form has been provided so they can do so anonymously.

On his own job, Mr Parr-Burman said his role will seize to exist from September 2025 and he does not know whether he will be there in some capacity.

A consultation with staff is due to end on March 15, he said.