A LABOURER serving a ban for drug driving, was caught behind the wheel of an Audi A4 he'd just bought, an Isle of Wight Court was told. 

Max George Mitchell Rowley, of St Michael's Avenue, Ryde, admitted driving whilst disqualified and without car insurance, on December 22 last year, when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court.

Rowley was pulled over by the police for a random drugs search, under Misuse of Drugs Act powers, along Pitt Street in Ryde, and cannabis was discovered.

Following his arrest, a further check on Rowley discovered he was disqualified from driving for 12 months for drug driving, said Liz Miller, prosecuting.

Rowley told officers he had just bought the Audi, but had no intention of driving it.

For Rowley, 19, Michael McGoldrick stressed there was no drugs charge levelled against him, but that he had bought the Audi in good faith, registered as being off road, so he could do work on it at his parents' house.

"He bought the car because he has an interest in car engines and mechanics. It was delivered to his parents' address," Mr Goldrick explained.

"However, his father told him to remove the car from his driveway to allow him to put his own car there.

"That's when he made the stupid decision to drive it around the block.

"There was no suggestion of bad driving. He was working on the car to try to make some money."

Rowley said the police confiscated the Audi, which was 'crushed'.

When sentencing Rowley, presiding chairman, Peter Redding told him: "Your stupidity has cost you dearly. You've paid a heavy price."

Rowley was fined £300, with £85 costs and a £120 surcharge. His licence was endorsed with six penalty points.

With three points already on his licence, Rowley was warned if he had as much as a speeding ticket, he would be banned from driving under the totting procedure.