Hans Bromwich, Cowes:

Dr Bob Seely CBE MP has voted in Parliament against an amendment that sought to improve NHS dentistry provision across the country, calling it a ‘gimmick’, despite dental problems being the number one issue young children attend A&E for in the UK.

The Conservatives and Bob Seely have had years to fix NHS dentistry, particularly for young children, but have done absolutely nothing.

Sounding familiar? We know precisely what Bob Seely thinks of our most vulnerable children on the Island when he voted in Parliament to stop their free school meals over holidays. Perhaps he thought if they don’t eat their teeth won’t rot.

So what is Bob Seely objecting to? We are told that dental issues amongst young children are commonplace across Europe, with the exception of two countries, Sweden and Switzerland, who interestingly experience no such problems.

So, what are they doing that’s different? In school, between the ages of three and five, children have a short session once a week showing them how to brush their teeth. Woke? Nanny State? Who cares.

The truth is some parents in the UK are clearly not educating their children, hence the problem we have.

Introducing a short tooth brushing club for young children once a week wouldn’t cost much, particularly when set against the cost of kids turning up in A&E for dental treatment.

Why vote against it? Unless of course you’ve always prioritise voting with your fellow party members over the needs of constituents. A common theme with Mr Seely.

That said, hopefully a swift extraction during the forthcoming general election will see the problem gone.