Motorists could be hit in the pocket — another increase in car parking charges on the Isle of Wight is on the cards.

It would be the third hike in three years if the Isle of Wight Council's community services director, Colin Rowland, approves the increase later this month.

The new charges could come into force from April and see prices increase by 10p an hour.

That would mean parking for up to an hour on some streets could cost you £2.45, or £4.90 for up to two hours.

In a long-stay car park, parking for up to two hours could cost £3.80.

Parking charges could also be introduced on Union Street in Newport which currently allows motorists to park free for an hour.

The council says it would bring the charges in to ensure a consistent approach with fees in the neighbouring New Street.

The authority is also proposing to increase the cost of the All Island Permits, Resident Zone Permits and On-Street Pay and Display Residents Permits by 20 per cent.

This could see the All Island Permit jump from £648 to nearly £780 for a yearly pass, after prices also rose last year.

Off-street 200m radius permits could increase by 10 per cent and Tourist Permits would be priced at 80 per cent of the daily off-street parking charge.

The council believes it could make another £431,867 in a year if the increase goes ahead.

Despite putting fees up last year, the Isle of Wight Council had predicted it would fall short of parking income targets.

Figures from November say there could be a £241,000 funding gap by March if income does not pick up, mainly due to a lack of off-street parking and All Island Parking Permits.

The authority says it is required to generate additional income in 2024/25, and the parking costs would help meet general inflationary costs, cover the costs of enforcement and the maintenance of parking equipment.

Without the increases, the council has warned it would need to make further reductions across its highways and transport activities.

The decision, set to be made no earlier than January 25, would see a notice of variation order drafted which would enforce the charges from April.