An Isle of Wight quarry could be extended to increase its operational life by more than 20 years.

It comes as current predictions say the Cheverton Quarry, off Bowcombe Road, has only two years of chalk, gravel and sand left to be mined.

The quarry has been in operation for decades now and the minerals are used across the Island.

Without it companies would have to import materials from the mainland.

Plans, submitted to the Isle of Wight Council, say the extension could be approximately 3.2 hectares, and is expected to yield around 35,000 tonnes of mineral resources a year over a 20 year period.

Planning agents BCM on behalf of the current quarry operators JMC Materials say there would be no intensification of operations but a continuation of what currently happens on the site as they extend it further.

The land which could be mined is already part of the quarry's boundary and is fenced off and separated from the surrounding agricultural fields.

The work at the quarry can only take place when it is dry, which equates to around 60 to 80 days a year between March and September.

Materials would still be screened at the site, which overlooks Shorwell, on top of the Downs.

Of the material at the site, 28 per cent is too fine to be used and will be retained for restoration purposes.

The other 72 per cent is used for ready-mix concrete, cement and gravel depending on its size.

The access to the site would still be from Bowcombe Road, near to Cheverton Farm, which has been improved in recent years.

You can view the application, 23/02275/FUL, on the Isle of Wight Council's planning register. Comments can be submitted until February 9.