More than 4,000 animals have been rehomed on the Isle of Wight in the last decade, the RSPCA has revealed.

The achievement has been announced to mark the charity’s 200th anniversary year.

The RSPCA has come a long way since 1824 when founding members would meet in a London coffee shop, determined to ‘create a better world for every animal’.

In modern times, the Isle of Wight is served by RSPCA rescuers who save animals and investigate cruelty while offering welfare advice and help to pet owners in need.

The Island is also home to an independent RSPCA branch – RSPCA Isle of Wight – who rehabilitate and rehome rescued animals, such as Pebbles the XL Bully.

Isle of Wight County Press: American XL Bully, PebblesAmerican XL Bully, Pebbles (Image: IW RSPCA)

The separately registered charity raises money locally to support the animal welfare work they do.

The latest available figures show that in the ten years until the end of 2022, new homes have been found for a staggering 4,126 animals on the Island.

Additionally, the branch has helped pet owners by providing 1,671 neuters – to stop unwanted pregnancies – and 1,709 microchips – to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Nationally, the charity has rehomed over 405,000 pets since 2013, and during that time, 615,000 animals have been patients at RSPCA hospitals across the country.