Young creatives living on the Isle of Wight have been given £100 each to help them in their chosen interest.

The money was handed out to a different young person each month since April, after Brave Island started a new fund, Young Creative of the Month.

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Brave Island was set up by Ventnor Exchange in 2020 to offer more creative opportunities to 14-25 year olds living on the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight County Press: Young creatives, top from left, Jasmine Metta Truman, Iris Little, Kit Kanthan, Rachel Attwood.Young creatives, top from left, Jasmine Metta Truman, Iris Little, Kit Kanthan, Rachel Attwood. Bottom from left, Ollie Luter, Nathan Box, Suzy Barnard and Poppy Morris

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Suzy Barnard was the first Young Creative of 2023. At that time, Suzy was finishing her studies at the Isle of Wight College. 

She said: “A lot has changed since my interview with Brave Island. I graduated from my graphic design course and I am now a full time illustration student at the University of Portsmouth.

"Over the summer I started building websites for other artists which has become a successful little side project. I designed the Cowes Open Studios website this year, and also partook in it, selling paintings, crochet flowers and my stationery products.

"I’m looking forward to seeing what 2024 has in store and cannot wait to keep creating! “

Iris Little is a textiles artist.

She said: “I’m very happy to say since my interview with Brave Island in May I am now studying a degree in sustainable fashion! This was one of my goals which I wrote in my interview.

"It is the new degree with Platform One in the old Topshop/Wadhams building in Newport.

"I’ve finished my first semester and I’m enjoying everything we are doing so far, I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold! I’m still crocheting as a hobby and keeping myself busy with various craft projects.”

Rachel Attwood is a filmmaker who won Young Creative of the Month back in June and has been very busy ever since! 

She said: “We swapped the release of Strange Boy for my film How to Write a Novel Tripping Absolute Balls. It’s the first ever live action stop motion in feature length we’ve discovered since, so this is an achievement I’ll cherish my whole career.

"We begin touring again January 12 and venues are to be released on my Instagram.

"During 2024 we also release Strange Boy, and The Interview, films about an intense divorce and the complexities of a marriage, and an old Hollywood actress and a lighthearted yet dark reflection of fame… The films I have starred in will be the hardest part. I dread watching the trailers. Every time I see one I think ‘what are you doing, what are you wearing?!'”

Ollie Luter was Young Creative of the Month in August. They’re a performance artist currently studying sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts, focusing on subjects that include embarrassment, self identity, limit, queerness, and LGBTQ+ matters.

Since then Ollie has been continuing their studies at Camberwell with more of a focus on their performance art.

Jasmine Metta Truman is a photographer and Young Creative of the month in September. She is currently in her final year of BA Photography.

Since September she has published The Earth Spirit Magazine which showcases a range of artists each contributing pieces ‘creatively exploring our ancient connection with nature’.

Poppy Morris was October’s Young Creative of the month.

She is now in her second year at Falmouth University working hard towards a degree in BA Illustration. She is a multidisciplinary artist having worked with not only painting and drawing but also printmaking and a little bit of wood carving.

Nathan Box is a self-taught visual effects artist and was November's chosen artist.

He said: “The Brave Island interview has gone in my CV and UCAS statement and has helped me a lot!

"Since the interview, I’ve applied for visual effects and CGI courses and already got four offers back. In the next year, I’m going to be putting extra effort into my exams so I can secure my place at university.

"It’s an important step to getting into the visual effects industry as employers recruit straight from universities.”

Kit Kanthan was December’s Young Creative of the month, and is an author currently working on their debut novel Of Thunder and Flames (OTaF). 

They said: “It hasn’t been very long since I was selected so not all that much has happened, only edging closer and closer to the completion of OTaF.

"In 2024 I am planning to seek out traditional publishing, as well as preparing for my first-ever book signing and holding a literature convention.

"By the end of 2024, I should also have the second book in the Akulis duology either published or ready for editing. I can’t wait to share my work and potentially meet some of you at my events.”