ISLE of Wight pet owners in the Sandown area are being urged keep an eye out for anything suspicious – after two cats were hit with thick gloss paint.

On Thursday, Tia Hatcher and her partner Jamie Evans, of Sandown, noticed their three-year-old cat Sonnie had returned home covered in thick gloss paint.

Posting on Facebook group Sandown Hub, to make other residents aware, Tia soon heard from another woman in the same area revealing a second cat had been targeted.

The incident has since been reported to the police.

Isle of Wight County Press: Tia Hatcher's cat, Sonnie, covered in paint.

“Sonnie returned covered in thick gloss paint so bad it was impossible to cut it all out ourselves,” said Tia.

“It was up one side of his body, but not on the bottom of his paws, so it doesn’t look like he walked through it.

“I informed the police, and they have added it to their records, and have notified the officers that circulate our local area to keep an eye out for anything suspicious relating to this.

“Sonny is doing well now.

“He had a trip to the vets and was shaved and given medicine in case he had inhaled or ingested any of the paint.”