Andrew Hough, Bembridge:

Thirteen years ago in 2010 the following was available on the Island: 

A regular delivery of mail 

Affordable housing to buy and rent 

Police were visible on the streets 

An appointment could be made with a G.P.

An ambulance could be requested 

Trains on the mainland ran regularly 

Youth centres were available

Surestart centres offered vital support to families 

The sea was a safe place to swim 

Sadly after over a decade of Tory governments none of this is the case and due to the reluctance of this administration to create a fairer society by redistributing wealth it is unlikely to improve. 

I don't expect any of the above listed issues to change before the next election because the government seems to be quite happy with focusing on immigration and paying the work force less and less while allowing those with wealth to amass vast fortunes.