The whereabouts of a missing postbox in Gurnard has been solved, after a letter to the County Press and a media enquiry.

Gurnard resident Richard de Kerbrech first raised the issue, writing: "Who’d have thought that in the first quarter of the 21st Century a post box could disappear without trace? Well that’s precisely what happened last December at Gurnard with the junction between Cockleton Lane and the Gurnard Pines entrance."

He also said at the start of 2023, the post box outside the Riverside Centre at Newport was removed ‘for repair’ and has yet to return.

He tried to find out from Royal Mail what had happened to them, after many months of absence, but never had a response.

He said: "Meanwhile back at Gurnard, the concrete post looks forlorn, mourning the loss of its red-painted cuboid companion, a lonely obelisk, a victim of non-communication from Royal Mail."

However, this week Royal Mail replied to the County Press.

A spokesperson said: "Both post boxes were either damaged or were no longer serviceable. The reason they have not been replaced is both were on private land.

"Speaking generally, there are issues with placing post boxes on private land as historically we have had situations where owners will decide they do not want them placed there anymore, and ask for them to be removed, as is their right.

"There are a number of considerations we take into account when looking for alternate locations."

These include safety of Royal Mail staff and the public, underground services, and planning permission.

They added: "The local team is looking into whether replacing them in due course is appropriate."

Richard said this week: "I am pleased to report that a brand new post box has appeared about 150 yards from where the previous one was.

"It hasn't been 'commissioned' yet as it is still sealed. This is a victory for communication by traditional means so it is incumbent on us locals to 'use it or lose it'.

"Good news for a change."