New drone footage and images show the shocking extent of Bonchurch landslip on the Isle of Wight.

Islander Kyle Tremlett took recent images of the devastation from the air.

He flew his drone over Smugglers Haven and the surrounding area yesterday (Wednesday).

Residents were forced to leave their homes in an emergency evacuation on Sunday night (10).

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In the days after, the community was left counting the cost and the council said it was the biggest landslide in the area in 20 years.

Most residents have returned home but some are facing the prospect of having to find somewhere else to live.

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What was once lavish lawns at Smugglers Haven Tea Rooms, are now rubble at the bottom of a cliff.

A car and a container full of personal belongings also succumbed to the collapse, as seen in the above pictures.

And a once popular beauty spot, Devil's Chimney, looks as though it has been lost for good.