Water on the main road between Sandown and Brading has forced its closure, as a flood alert remains in force for the Eastern Yar on the Isle of Wight.

Morton Common is shut from Perowne Way to Yarbridge.

Island Roads has said the closure is necessary due to high water levels.

The road runs next to the Eastern Yar.

A flood alert remains in place for the Eastern Yar following heavy rainfall at the start of the week.

Levels are falling at Alverstone but are still rising at Sandown, the Environment Agency said this morning.

The EA said, in the last 24 hours, 3mm of rain has fallen at Wroxall.

It said flooding of Golf Links Road and Morton Common will remain throughout today.

Further heavy rain is expected on Thursday, increasing river levels again.

A spokesperson for the EA said: "We continue to monitor the situation.

"Please ensure any products used to protect gardens and property from flooding are operating."