The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary has announced that it said goodbye to its ‘very special donkey’ Coffee last Wednesday (November 29).

Coffee was in her mid-thirties and was loved by many people, the Sanctuary team said.

She had a very distractive bray, which was often referred to as opera singing – especially when she felt her dinner was late!

Coffee used to love watching Bianca, the Sanctuary’s physiotherapist, carry out physiotherapy on other donkeys and always tried to get involved.

Over the years, she’s been a great friend to Nick, who is partially sighted, providing him with the stability and companionship he needed.

Coffee was distinctive with white eyebrows and one of the few donkeys at the Sanctuary that wore shoes.

Due to several medical conditions, she had been receiving care for several years, and her shoes helped her with chronic laminitis.

Surrounded by those who cared deeply for her, together with the Sanctuary’s vets, Coffee was helped to pass peacefully.

A post on Facebook reads: “It is always difficult losing any of our beloved animals, and Coffee will be greatly missed.

“All of our donkeys end their days here at the Sanctuary, and we ensure all of our animals receive the highest standard of care. Rest in peace sweetest Coffee.”