Impending roadworks on Old Road in East Cowes are to overlap with reopening of the main road into the town, which has been delayed due to bad-weather, the Isle of Wight County Press can reveal.

Island Roads has told us the ongoing 'highway improvements' on York Avenue will now end on December 8, instead of tomorrow (December 1).

It means there will be five days of overlap with private third-party works on Old Road - a route used by some as a diversion, during York Avenue's closure.

Island Roads says access along Old Road will be retained for residents, but it will be closed to everyone else.

For the last few weeks, due to the closure of the main route to Red Funnel's Isle of Wight ferry terminal, there have been diversions via Adelaide Grove.

Residents have also been dealing with the suspension of scores of parking spaces. 

Island Roads said: "We are confident that residents will be able to use alternative local roads and disruption to local traffic will be minimal during the five days the works overlap."