An investigation into the severe flooding across many parts of the Island has been launched by the Isle of Wight Council - and you can send in your evidence.

Flooding from Storm Babet and Storm Ciaran in October and November led to blocked roads and submerged properties after the Island was hit by torrential rain.

The council has now started an investigation to better understand the causes and any factors that may have influenced the severity of the flooding.

The work is being carried out under the requirements of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

The first part of this work is collecting evidence from residents, businesses and private bodies with flood management responsibilities affected by or involved in the response to the flooding.

Natasha Dix, service director waste, environment and planning said: "It is essential that we look into the causes and impacts of the flooding that occurred. Many residents were adversely affected and much distress and damage to properties resulted.

"We know that a large number of residents have already applied for flood recovery grants that are available and I hope as many residents as possible will take the opportunity to contribute to this investigation.

"The information people supply will be crucial to helping us understand the impact of the flooding on the local community, and will help us to consider potential options to take preventative steps and to mitigate the risk of similar flooding occurring in the future."

Residents affected by the flooding during Storm Babet and Storm Ciaran are encouraged to fill in the flood investigation form on the council's website where more information can also be found.

Any relevant supporting evidence, such as photographs, records of emergency service attendance and insurance claims, can be sent to

Complete the forms and send in your evidence by Friday, December 22.

Residents who have already applied for flood recovery grants do not need to complete the forms as their information and evidence has already been processed.