ONE of the biggest Trading Standards prosecutions ever brought by the Isle of Wight Council will be featured on national TV next week.

Earlier this year, the authority was successful in bringing a case against Simon Regan, the director of Angel Coatings, who was jailed for three years for fraudulent trading.

Regan’s company laid resin drives and pathways, charging customers thousands of pounds for work which was not up to scratch.

Following the court case in February, Trading Standards officers and several witnesses were interviewed for Defenders UK, the BBC One show which highlights the work authorities are doing to protect the public from scam artists and con men.

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The Island episode is due to air on Monday, November 27, at 10am.

During the trial, the court heard evidence from 65 witnesses from the Isle of Wight, Hampshire and Devon where Regan’s companies had committed offences.

The collective fraud of these contracts was valued at around £300,000.

Regan's offending included gross overcharging, works that were poorly or incompetently installed, ten year guarantees that were worthless or had little value, remedial works that were only partially undertaken or not undertaken at all, and the non-return of deposits paid when cancellation rights had been exercised.

Witnesses told the court Regan, 58, would make threats to rip up the driveways if he didn’t receive payment in full and when civil action was attempted in the county court, he would threaten consumers again.