A JOINT enterprise to steal fresh meat and beer saw two men appear in the dock, at an Isle of Wight court.

Liam Findlay, of Sunset Close and Aaron Ford, of Longhalves Lane, both aged 34 and from Freshwater, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday, November 17.

Findlay admitted three charges of shoplifting and Ford admitted single charge, between October 21 and 28.

On October 21, Findlay stole pork loin steaks worth £15.

Three days later, Findlay stole chicken and bacon, and Ford stole two cases of Stella Artois beer. Both thefts were worth £20.

On October 28, Findlay stole pork worth £15.

For both men, Oscar Vincent said Findlay had kept out of trouble for 14 years but, after losing his job in catering, got into severe financial difficulty while his benefits were being processed.

"On November 1, he fully admitted to the police his thefts, but explained he had no money and had to eat. He is sorry and ashamed of his impulsive actions," Mr Vincent said.

For Ford, Mr Vincent said his client apologised, explaining he was alcohol dependent and had suffered a relapse, because he had no money.

Both were fined £40, with £50 costs and a £16 surcharge, with compensation orders imposed — Findlay to pay Sainsbury's £50 and Ford £20.