Environment Agency (EA) contractors responsible for putting flood boards in at Ryde's Simeon Rec, "did not get back in time" to install all of them after being sent to another incident in Newport, a report into last month's devastation has revealed.

However, a review published by the EA, and seen by the County Press, said it is still "unclear" whether flooding to properties was made worse by only installing two of the six boards.

A "more detailed review" is now required, it added.

It comes after angry residents of The Strand called for "someone to pay" after flooding wrecked their homes, as the County Press exclusively reported.

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It is estimated more than 100 properties, and businesses, were affected in the Monktonmead area of Ryde on October 25.

Council leader Cllr Phil Jordan said failure to close the Simeon Park gates in good time added to the problem.

An initial report into the events of two weeks ago, by the EA, has revealed that two flood boards were installed at Simeon Rec by 5.45am.

The EA said the "material consideration" for only installing two was surface water building up outside the Rec.

On previous occasions, the boards have had to be lifted to allow the surface water to come in. However, once all boards are locked in place, "it's much harder" to remove them, the report said.

After installing two boards, the EA duty officer instructed the contractors to assist with flooding at Hunnyhill, Newport.

It was planned for them to head there, and then come back to put the rest of the boards in should they be needed, the report states.

But the EA "did not anticipate the significant disruption to travel links" caused by heavy rainfall.

"Impassable" roads meant contractors were unable to reach Ryde again until 8.30am.

By this time, the box which holds the boards was submerged in water and it was too late to put them in.

The EA report states that a 'second standby gang' had been requested but was not yet available.

It said the rainfall event, the largest in Ryde since 1949, was "unprecedented". 

Going forward, the EA said it will work alongside the Isle of Wight Council, which is coordinating a Section 19 flood report.

"This should lead to local improvements in how events are managed to provide better resilience to the local community to fluvial and surface water events", it said.