John Craddock, Freshwater:

I am writing to highlight the unnecessary use of temporary traffic lights all over the Island, where the only obstruction is the traffic lights themselves. 

I have enclosed a photo of our local set along Afton Road, which were there recently, these are the only obstruction, nothing else there, not even fresh Tarmac or concrete to set.

It seems to be wherever we want to go, there are temporary traffic lights. This is fine if work is actually underway.

We obediently stop when the light is red, but when there is clearly no traffic at the other end and the only obstruction is the temporary traffic lights itself, surely this is unreasonable?  

Not only in wasting our time but also fuel as we wait, causing ever more exhaust pollution.

No doubt Island Roads will have some unconvincing excuse for these obstructions to our highways, but if any of us mortals caused this kind of hindrance on the roads, we would have our vehicle towed away, along with a large fine.

In my opinion, when temporary traffic lights are put in place, the work should begin and continue until finished, then remove the lights at the earliest opportunity.  

How much longer are we going to just stop without questioning the validity of the traffic lights, when they are the only obstruction?