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Triathlon has captured the hearts and minds of athletes worldwide and the Isle of Wight provides a perfect backdrop for this high discipline sport.

Through the combination of swimming, cycling and running, the sport teaches endurance, control and strength both physical and mental.

Here is a brief guide if you plan on diving into the world of triathlon on the Island.

Investing in some good kit can be a great starting point. The basic essentials for your shopping list would be: swimmers, a good pair of versatile goggles, a bike, a helmet and a nice pair of trainers.

Sourcing these can be done locally as there are many shops dotted around the Island including Love Running, Wight Mountain and Isle of Wight Bikes. You could also shop online from shops like Nike, Wiggle or Sigma Sports. 

Joining a local triathlon club is an amazing way to immerse yourself in the community of the sport and can introduce you to many like minded individuals and to help you learn from more experienced athletes.

Clubs such as Wight Tri could be a good choice as they host many exclusive events throughout the year including open water and pool triathlons along with a series of winter duathlons and summer splash and dash races.

The Isle of Wight Triathlon Club however, hosts training sessions twice a week for young budding triathletes and offers supportive coaching ideal for young beginners. 

Founder Julie Van der Helstraete said: “To have set up the Isle of Wight Triathlon Club and see the progression of our young triathletes over the years has been a great honour.

"Our club provides a fun but challenging environment, equipping our members from the age of eight years with the skills to be confident to enjoy a sport many call “elitist”.

"Watching them grow in their love for triathlon and their ever increasing fitness levels is the only reward a coach needs and what a perfect environment the Isle of Wight provides for it, with the sea on our doorsteps for those summer evening training sessions.”

The Island also offers diverse terrains from scenic coastal routes to off-road forest trails and by incorporating these elements into your routine you can prepare yourself for a plethora of different triathlon environments.

Local and smaller events can be a great way to get a feel for the triathlon experience and the Island hosts several throughout the year.

As well as participating in triathlon events, standalone competitions for each of the individual sports can be a great way to build confidence as these can help give you more detailed experience in each stand alone part.

West Wight Sports Centre holds a number of these types of events each year and they are great as they are open for all to participate.

Finally, just enjoy yourself!

One of the most significant aspects of triathlon on the Isle of Wight is the inclusive community of athletes.

Whether you're a beginner and just starting out or an experienced athlete, there is such a wide variety of triathletes on the island that you’re sure to meet fellow triathletes at your experience level and connect and bond.

And the most important thing is that you have fun while improving and developing on your triathlon journey.