POLICE caught more than 200 drivers speeding last month, as a result of speed enforcement work being carried out across the Isle of Wight.  

The Safer Roads Unit caught 222 speeding drivers during visits to 23 different locations on 38 separate occasions.

“Speeding is one of the leading causes of serious and fatal injury collisions, so we are committed to taking proactive action to deter drivers from speeding,” said a spokesperson for the force.

“Our work is much more effective when we receive information and intelligence from the public about specific issues and problem areas.

“So, please keep reporting issues of speeding and poor driving standards to police, to enable us to identify the most affected areas and continue to target offending drivers.

“Speeding is of course just one of the issues motorists face on the road network, and we have a number of teams and other initiatives running on the Island that tackle the broader spectrum of offending, to keep our roads safer.”

You can report a motoring offence by calling 101, or by visiting the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary website.

“When you report speeding or other driving offences, you may not always see an immediate police response,” said a spokesperson for the force.

“However, please be reassured this information is all used to help us develop the wider intelligence picture so we can target the hotspots.

“We have Operation Mile set up, which looks at all of this data and tells us where our teams will have a presence on the road.”