A community care worker who punched a pub manager in the face and spat at him, before attacking a chef, who took his car keys to prevent him drink-driving, has appeared before Isle of Wight magistrates. 

Alan Patrick, of Fairway Holiday Park, on The Fairway, Sandown, admitted being drunk in charge of a vehicle and two counts of assault by beating, in Lake, on June 4.

Officers from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary was called to the Merrie Garden public house, after a report of a public order incident.

The 62-year-old was described as being very drunk — shouting and swearing at a female friend, before the manager asked him to leave.

In response, Patrick squared up to him and punched his cheek, court was told.

He also spat at the manager, said Munayah Hassan, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday (3). 

Patrick then made for his Nissan Qashqai in the pub car park and, as he tried to get his key in the ignition, the pub's chef intervened and snatched it from him.

Court was told Patrick reacted by grabbing hold of the chef's jacket and raising his fist, before returning to his car.

He was sat in the driver's seat when police arrived, magistrates heard.

A roadside breath test revealed he would have been more than three times the drink-drive limit had his key not been taken from him, said Mrs Hassan.

When interviewed, Patrick said he could not recall attacking the manager, or the attempted assault on the chef and said he would never have driven while drunk.  

Patrick's two previous convictions for three offences included a drink-drive in 2008.

For Patrick, Michael McGoldrick said his client's behaviour that day was "isolated and out of character".

Mr McGoldrick said losing his licence would create exceptional hardship for Patrick, who has a care position in outlying areas of the Island, but more so for his wife, who has health issues and relies on him.

Patrick was handed a year's probation, incorporating 100 hours' unpaid work, together with a four-month driving ban, an order to pay the Merrie Garden manager £150 compensation and a further £50 to the chef, plus £85 costs and a £114 surcharge.