A serial Isle of Wight shoplifter has vowed to stop drinking his life away after he was caught by police stealing clothes from TK Maxx and wine from Morrisons.

Ian Wathen, of Barton Road, Newport, previously pleaded guilty to two counts of theft from a shop and attended the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Friday, November 3, for sentencing.

Munayah Hassan, prosecuting, said the 41-year-old entered Newport's TK Maxx on August 10, grabbed £95 worth of clothing and calmly exited the shop onto Pyle Street – setting off the security alarm as he left.

Ms Hassan told the court Wathen was seen by a police officer, who followed him onto Town Lane and witnessed Wathen trying to discard the clothing into a bin.

On September 21, police spotted Wathen sitting in Church Litten drinking two bottles of wine, the court heard.

He had stolen the wine from Morrisons.

Wathen has also attempted to steal a sandwich and some crisps but was stopped by a security guard.

This offence was in breach of a six-month condition discharge handed to him for stealing food from Farnsworth's in July.

Michael McGoldrick, defending, said his client claims alcohol is ‘plaguing his life’ and he ‘wants to find the person he used to be’.

Wathen told magistrates, “I am fed up with drinking my life away,” vowing to change.

Magistrates handed Wathen a 12-month community order to include 20 rehabilitation days and must pay a £114 surcharge, £85 in costs and £20 compensation to Morrisons.