November is almost over and as the holiday season begins defrosting, the question arises yet again: Is there such a thing as ‘too early’ to deck the halls?

The age-old debate over when it is acceptable to put up your Christmas decs has resurfaced, sparking discussion among communities.

Some believe that starting the festive season early is a great way to boost spirits whereas others argue that it’s best to hold off until at least December first.

I spoke to a few individuals who shared their opinions on this matter.

The County Press is signed up to the Young Reporter scheme, giving young people the chance to write for their local newspaper. Darcey is a Christ the King College student.

Co-owners of Chessell Cafe, Anna and Mark Giddens, said: "We understand a lot of businesses host Christmas events therefore they usually put decorations up in November. However we feel this is too early for us. We like to have a real tree so we aim for the beginning of December. Sometimes this slips a little depending how busy we are!" 

However, 14 year old Lyla Peach from Cowes said: “Decorations should not be going up any earlier than November 20 because if you put them up too early you can get sick of Christmas and it makes the holiday not feel as special.”

Brighstone resident Melissa Jones said: "August is much too early, It's got to be cold to be thinking about Christmas but it's never too early for a Christmas film!”

So is there a definite answer to the question of when is it too early for Christmas decorations? It seems not. 

Opinions on this topic vary. It is evident that the debate as to when to start Christmas decorating will continue to be a tradition in itself.

The holiday season is a time for spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones, as well as spreading Christmas spirit so ultimately the timing of Christmas decorating is up to personal preference as everyone has their own reasons and practice.