An internationally recognised Filipino painter visited the Isle of Wight and shared his techniques with young people.

Elito Villaflor Circa, or Amangpintor, shared his distinctive painting techniques with a group of young Filipinos at the McAuley Holy Centre in Newport on Thursday, October 26. 

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Amangpintor is said to be the only Filipino painter to perform on-the-spot painting shows using his hands while modern music plays in the background.

Globally popularising hand painting, he travels around the world showcasing his talent. 

Recognised for his unique artwork, embellished with culture and his charity work, the Filipino painter has organised workshops nationwide, performing in Watford, Peterborough, and Cheltenham. 

Lea Mendoza, a key organiser, expressed the significance of sharing Filipino culture: “It is especially important for Filipino children because it solidifies their roots, language and values.” 

Amangpintor agreed, saying: “sharing culture is the spirit of a Filipino.” 

Pinoy children and their parents gathered to re-enact his ‘healing colours’ as he guided them to create picturesque landscapes on canvas. 

The show mimicked a Filipino get-together, with the interval consisting of various Filipino foods and opportunities for the parents to catch up.

Finalising his showcase, he carried out one of his renowned painting shows, with tracks such as Livin’ La Vida Loca and Call Me Maybe in the background - finishing two paintings within five minutes.

He encouraged the audience to get involved, allowing them to paint on his canvas. 

He looks forward to continuing his charity work in the Philippines, and said he wished “to develop rural communities through arts. I believe we can develop the community using our talent as artists.”