THE ISLE of Wight Monkey Haven has paid tribute to the late Peppino – a white-throated Capuchin.

A few weeks ago, the Monkey Haven says he started to suffer from some age-related health issues.

Despite round-the-clock care, he continued to deteriorate and the difficult decision was made to put him to sleep.

Peppino arrived at the sanctuary ten years ago, as a victim of illegal pet trade.

He was seized by the Italian government after being discovered chained up on a beach, used as a photo prop.

Following his rescue, several unsuccessful attempts were made to introduce him into a capuchin troop.

“Although his scruffy appearance may look unusual to some, he was an unlikely leader and was certainly a hit with the ladies, fathering five children who will carry on his legacy,” said a spokesperson for the Haven.

Animal carer, Terri, said: “At an incredible 45 years of age, he didn’t have the best start in life, but in the last ten years under our care he created an amazing legacy and left behind five beautiful, albeit mischievous youngsters.

“He will forever be remembered by all the staff at the Haven.”