THE Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary is mourning the deaths of two of its donkeys.

Both Brandy and Murphy had been at the sanctuary for more than 18 years.

“On Thursday, October 26, we sadly said goodbye to Brandy and Murphy, two very special donkeys,” said a spokesperson for the sanctuary.

“Brandy suffered with Arthritis over the years, and for the last two/three years he had been treated for a Gastric Impaction and Tachycardia (irregular heartbeat).

“Lately, Brandy had shown signs of these issues returning, along with weight loss which is difficult to regulate.

“Brandy was a special character, that quite often kept to himself within the herd, but with his very thick coat and gentle personality, he caught the attention of many of our visitors.

“Murphy chronically suffered with eye infections which caused ulcerations, and he also had cataracts and hoof abscesses.

“He had been given treatment on a daily basis by our vets and staff.  

“Murphy was a gentle, calm, and loving donkey, who formed very close bonds with his donkey friends.

“When he arrived, he had a best friend called Paddy, and they were always together.

“Then when Paddy sadly passed away, Murphy was introduced to Frosty, and they developed a beautiful bond.

“They were both beginning to suffer, and we have had to make the difficult decision to help Brandy and Murphy pass.”