Women, radicalism, ageing and motherhood will be at the forefront of the Isle of Wight Apollo Theatre presentation of 'Apologia' starting this weekend.

The play tells the story of Kristen Miller - an art historian and liberal matriarch who has recently published her memoir of a life as a young mother, storming Parisian barricades and moving to Florence.

Director Helen Reading has taken the opportunity to reveal the realities for women at the frontline of radicalism and the cost they have paid for the benefit of younger generations, who may not fully appreciate their sacrifice. 

Helen said: "When I took this play on, I was told by those who had read it that the character of Kristin Miller was selfish with no redeemable qualities, and they wished me luck.

Isle of Wight County Press: Apologia is coming to Apollo Theatre in NewportApologia is coming to Apollo Theatre in Newport (Image: Contributions)

"But I relished the challenge of showing the true nature of a woman who, although driven, brutally honest and headstrong, is a woman of principle."

Apologia stars Ginnie Orrey, with Paul Gwinnett, Laura Hedgecox, Erin Richardson and Jason Harris. 

The play runs from Friday (October 20) to Saturday, October 28, with tickets available online via the Apollo Theatre website or by calling 01983 210910.