A council warning has been shared following a cliff fall, which saw the wall of one of the Isle of Wight's historic batteries crash onto the beach.

The wall came tumbling down the cliffs at Yaverland onto the stretch of beach between Sandown and Culver Down when a landslip occurred over the weekend.

It was the second time a cliff fall had happened along the stretch in as many weeks.

The wall, which remains on the beach, forms part of the Red Cliff Battery - one of the many Palmerston Forts built on the Island to protect it in response to a perceived French invasion.

The Isle of Wight Council confirmed the beach to the north of Yaverland will not be closed but is reminding users that when walking on the beach to 'stay away from the base of cliffs' and 'remain aware of their surroundings'.

A council spokesperson said: “Cliff falls are a natural occurrence around the county’s coastline and can happen at any time for many reasons. 

"We would always advise the public to avoid walking close to the foot of cliffs to avoid any risk of harm should a fall occur.”