Fran Weil, Bembridge:

I was very pleased to see a full page advert in last week’s County Press (06-10-23) from the NHS proclaiming the fact that we all have the right to request hospital treatment at ANY hospital and I have, for a long time, questioned why GPs do not make us aware of this.

Having in the last eight months availed myself twice of NHS surgery at Epsom Hospital I feel I can speak with just a little authority.

This facility was explained to me by a friend and not a GP.

I had been on a waiting list for an eternity, suffering the relentless pain when a hip or knee needs attention, but then with a simple referral, at my request, by my GP, I was seen at Epsom and within a very short space of time attended to.

Epsom Hospital (SWLEOC) is a Centre of Excellence for Hips and Knees and, by receiving treatment there, I have surely eased, in some small way, the excessive waiting lists at St Mary’s.

My ‘speciality’ is hips and knees but this facility, as the advert clearly explains, applies to any treatment and has been available for quite some time.

So come on GPs, keep us informed and see if we can get attention in a more timely fashion and relieve St Mary’s in the process.

This should be a win win for everyone surely?