A short film, shot on the Isle of Wight and starring Toyah Willcox, has won an award at the New Renaissance Film Festival (NRFF) in London.

Weightless was produced by Ventnor's Rowena Amos, through 9 of Cups Productions.

It was made on the Island in 2022 and Toyah was spotted filming on beaches here, in Freshwater and Ventnor.

The project also featured a host of well-known Isle of Wight names, including photographer Gianpaolo Mario Giancovich, and musicians JC Grimshaw and Angelina Grimshaw - the latter working with the crew on costumes. 

This week, Weightless picked up the NRFF's prize for Best Female-led Short.

The film was directed by Lois Norman and the music was by King Crimson, Toyah's husband, Robert Fripp. 

A trailer was released in May. 

The story follows Maureen (Toyah Willcox) - a woman alone on a beach facing down her demons and struggling with self-acceptance, as she enters the water. 

It’s a personal theme for writer Louise Monaghan, a Lewes-based playwright, who was anorexic as a younger woman.

Weightless has also won a host of other awards too, including for cinematography at the London Movie Awards and at Brighton Rocks Film Festival.