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The sunflower lanyard  is free to those who are eligible to qualify for having one.

Originally it was put in place to support and help those with a hidden disability who were travelling either alone or with a companion.

"It's everyone's journey" was developed by the Department for Transport in partnership with industry, disability groups and disabled people.

Isle of Wight County Press: The sunflower lanyard.The sunflower lanyard. (Image: Isle of Wight County Press)The campaign forms part of the government's Inclusive Strategy.

There are now many ways in which the use of the sunflower lanyard is there to help all people with hidden disabilities, especially those on the autistic spectrum as well as helping others who are eligible and who are travelling or those who are just out and about perhaps shopping.

In order to fulfil the intention of the sunflower everyone needs to know about the sunflower lanyard and its purpose.

A parent or companion can carry one on behalf of those who are too young or just do not want to wear one.

At the moment, it seems that most people just do not know about the sunflower lanyard and its purpose.

It's not advertised enough.