An Isle of Wight town is to be given £20 million over a 10-year period, as part of a government intiative to help regenerate the high street and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Ryde is one of 55 towns across the country which is to receive the endowment-style funds.

It is part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's plan to provide long-term investment in towns that have been overlooked and taken for granted. 

Backed by £1 billion of investment, he said it was about putting “funding in the hands of local people” to improve their communities.

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has told the County Press the plan will benefit Ryde residents in the long-term.

He said: "The plan will see Ryde town, supported by myself and others, develop a long-term plan to benefit residents; enhancing the town centre, driving positive change, repurposing shops and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

"We have already used some regeneration money in East Cowes to fund a heavy lift crane and rebuild of some shipbuilding facilities - creating jobs and opportunities.

"There are a number of options for Ryde and I’ll be working with the community to make sure that we use the money wisely and for the best benefit of the people of Ryde and the wider Island community - all part of getting a better deal for the Island."

The £20 million is to be spent over the course of the next decade.

Sunak's announcement came on the eve of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.