Debate over whether or not an Isle of Wight woman had won a game led to hilarious 'anarchy' on a national radio station show, co-hosted by Ronan Keating.

Islander Kate Holland got to have three attempts at, The Reflex, which is played on Magic Radio's Magic Breakfast.

Presented by Ronan and Harriet Scott, contestants are given ten seconds to answer five questions, and each answer must begin with the same letter. 

Kate first appeared on the show, via the phone, on Thursday (21) but didn't manage the feat. 

She was given a second chance to take part yesterday (Monday), after Ronan said the delivery of questions 'wasn’t great'.

Here's how to listen to Kate winning The Reflex, and £500!

To listen to Kate winning the Magic Radio gameshow, click HERE.

On that occasion, she got all five correct but there was debate over whether or not she had run out of time. 

The clip was even slowed down and replayed.

To settle it, she was asked to come back on today (Tuesday), for a third attempt.

And it was third time lucky for Kate who got all the answers right, with the letter U (well before the buzzer!)

It means she takes home £500.

"I had heaps of fun and loved chatting with Ronan and Harriet", she told the County Press.

"As for the money, that will come in real handy in time for Christmas!"