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My disabled little boy currently requires regular liquid iron.

I used the South Wight Medical practice e-consult form to obtain a prescription and the response rate was rapid and accurate.

Really good service, saving me a trip to the doctors and an appointment time that somebody else can use.

Unfortunately the pharmacy didn't have any - so the lovely lady said she would put an order in for me but suggested I tried another pharmacy to see if they had any.

I tried four - each time met by a very pleasant pharmacist - but sadly nobody had any.

I decided to try St Mary's Hospital pharmacy (as we use this for other medications that my son requires) and eureka! They had some.

However, the very empathic lady apologised profusely saying that I couldn't have it because the hospital are not legally allowed to issue out prescriptions written by GPs.

1) The online service has proved highly effective 2) The doctor wrote a prescription in a timely manner 3) All pharmacists and receptionists have been very helpful and kind - And yet my son doesn't have his medication because legally the hospital can't issue it?

I have no words.

As a parent, I would be seen as negligent to not give my son medication that he needs, however the law prevents the hospital from issuing it.

Viewing it from a professionals standpoint, it's hardly surprising that hard working and friendly NHS staff, GPs and doctors receptionists get disillusioned and leave the profession.

It's also hardly surprising that parents lose their temper when faced with this kind of frustration.

Everybody has done everything correctly here - and given my son is without his medication - something is terribly wrong.

Simple solution - could we use a rubber stamp? So if I take the prescription to a pharmacy and they don't have it - they could stamp it - so the hospital can see they are the last resort?

Or do we have to appeal to parliament, use time and money to change some law that needs some simple kind of that's going to take a while and my son needs iron!

I'm a huge fan of the NHS, they are absolute warriors so I decided that instead of getting frustrated with lovely people, all of whom have done their job well, I'd write a letter.