Hilary Webster, Northwood:

Once again the planning committee is looking to rubber stamp a London property firm's proposal for a housing estate on greenfield land in the village of Northwood.

Not for 66 houses this time, but at least 72.

Why is this out of control committee insisting on turning Island villages into small towns and joining them up to neighbouring villages and towns?

Will the county council build a new school and medical facility? No, of course not.

The main Newport to Cowes road will be inundated with heavy plant traffic via the only access road to the estate. 

25 of these houses will be offered as 'affordable', leaving at least 47 out of reach of local families, and these will be advertised as far up as Hertfordshire, as has happened before. 

Why is greenfield land, in this case historically grazing land, always in the sights of these people?

I think it's high time they published details of development plans in their area. 

Before anyone shouts NIMBY in my direction, I would like to respectfully say that if I or the majority of my neighbours wanted to live in the middle of a housing estate with our country views taken away, we would move to one! 

One last thing, what is a London developer's definition of affordable?