Jeff Hewison, Lake:

A copy of this letter has been sent to Lake Parish Council.

I went to use the men's toilets at New Road in Lake and found a sign on the door saying to use the women's toilets as they are now unisex toilets.

My concerns are that if my niece goes to use the toilets (she is 12) and there is a pervert in there and something happens.

This is in no way acceptable and to be honest I would rather the toilets to either be fully closed or you open up the men's again.

I think as a parent and as an uncle my concerns are in the right place and I suggest the men's toilets are opened ASAP.

Many parents across the Island will agree with me.

Linda Redfern, Wootton:

How did I miss the MASSIVE sign outside the toilets opposite the pier in Sandown?

I walked in to be confronted by two men using the first two cubicles with the doors wide open. I had to think for a moment - did I walk into the men’s by mistake?

I know I’m a bit long in the tooth but I still felt very uneasy and uncomfortable.

I won’t go into the state of the loos! The only decent cubicle didn’t even lock.

I felt bad for our visitors on such a lovely beach day.

Why did I then feel compelled to hang around when a young girl walked in in her swimwear?! Surely it shouldn’t be that way.

Many families use the toilets to change into swimwear. 

I would be interested how men feel about sharing loos.