"I hope the sun shines as it’s such a pretty location," says award-winning vocalist, lyricist and producer, Georgia Mancio, who returns to the Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend this month.

She is looking forward to appearing in front of an audience she describes as 'knowledgeable, friendly and respectful.'

"Whenever I tour outside my home turf (London), I hope to make new friends who will continue to support my music, says the singer who also teaches performance.

"I’ve played the Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend several times over the last nine years: Each with a different project, from intimate trios to a full octet with string quartet," she told the Isle of Wight County Press.

Isle of Wight County Press:

This time, she will be part of a quartet consisting of pianist Robin Aspland, bassist Andrew Cleyndert and drummer Dave Ohm, with whom she co-runs Eltham Jazz Club. She describes them as being among some of Europe’s finest musicians.

"They bring enormous experience and empathetic ears, so we are very much a unit serving the songs, not four individuals," explains Georgia.

"We’ll be performing a lot of my own co-written originals, but the reference points will feel very recognisable to the jazz/Latin standard repertoire.

"I like to write relatable stories that speak of the human experience, both poignant and humorous. It’s important to me audience members get to know me through my performance, and also perhaps recognise themselves."

Georgia is billed as a storyteller, who creates authentic, adventurous work with both beauty and bite. For her, jazz enables personal expression, growth and reinvention.

"Jazz spoke to my heart, right from childhood, so I didn’t question it deeply: we found each other," she says.

And she also speaks highly of the 'dedication and vision' of Jim Thorn - the musician behind the IW Jazz Weekend.

Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend need to know

The weekend runs from September 14 to 17.

The Isle of Wight's very own Sol Grimshaw, who will perform with the Blue Orchids (I am afraid if you haven't already bought your ticket, it's too late. He's sold out), harpist Tara MintonPete Long's 'Benny Goodman' Quintet, and The Brass Volcanoes are among the names on the bill.

Venues include the Apollo Theatre, Quay Arts, Mountbatten and Newport Methodist Church, where Georgia will appear. 

A host of fringe events are also planned, at cafes and pubs across Newport.

Isle of Wight County Press:

For Georgia,  every jazz performance is unique, thanks to the genre's improvisation and spontaneity.

Each player’s creativity shapes the music and the energy of the audience brings its own 'invaluable contribution' to the moment, she explains.

I asked her if the size of the Quay Street venue's audience suited her performance .

"It's more about the energy than the size," she says.

"My aim is to connect with the people who have taken the time to come and hear me.

"That means responding and adapting to size, sound and setting in real time so I find it helpful to think of the improvising element as extending beyond the stage."

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Luckily Georgia has the experience to adapt to any venue, having performed in everything from the intimate Pizza Express Jazz Club, Ronnie Scott’s and Chelsea's 606 to the awe-inspiring Southbank Centre, and the Royal Albert Hall for the 2019 Proms.

She said she is excited to try out the caressing natural reverb of Newport Methodist Church.

Buy a ticket to hear stories set to music.

Georgia particularly enjoys performing those of her original songs which were written with a specific person in mind; or lush Brazilian compositions like ‘Por Toda Minha Vida’, which are 'particularly satisfying in their original language.'

"I often close my performances with my own version of the Italian Partisan song ‘Bella Ciao’ which has everything mixed into it, including of course, an important message."