An apology has been issued to residents of an Isle of Wight village after lanterns were released into the sky and loud music was heard from a nearby activity centre.

Lights were spotted above Kingswood, on Hillway Road, Bembridge, on Wednesday evening (9).

It led to speculation over what they could be.

It has since been revealed that the lights were, in fact, lanterns let off by a group staying at Kingswood.

Although not banned or illegal, lanterns are known to be a fire risk and the RSPCA considers them a hazard to animals.

Kingswood told the County Press its facilities have been let out to an external organisation. 

Staff were unaware of plans to release the lanterns, it said. It has also apologised for loud music, heard by residents. 

A spokesperson said: "Having spoken with representatives from the group, we have received an apology.

"Furthermore, they have assured us there will be no recurrences. 

"Behaviour of this nature is not welcome at Kingswood Bembridge and will not be tolerated.

"Although this was outside our direct control, we understand the concerns of some members of the public and we apologise to them."

According to the Marine Conservation Society, the Isle of Wight Council does not have a sky lantern ban in place.

Its Don't Let Go list states the release of balloons is banned, however.

The County Press has contacted the council and is awaiting a comment.