Jeanie Brown, Shanklin: 

This was a letter which somebody put on Facebook. 

"My mum has booked for a Saturday to Saturday in August. Portsmouth- Fishbourne return 4pm outgoing £280 return.

"I’m sad to say this may be our last Island trip for a very long time after continued multiple yearly trips for 40 years.

"That’s with her mobility 20 per cent discount"

This is another one: "I sadly will never return to the Isle of Wight. After bringing my family here for the last ten years, the cost to come here now, due to Wightlink prices has made it impossible. Goodbye my lovely Isle of Wight."

This is sadly the feelings of so many people who want to holiday on this lovely Island, which they should have the right to do without breaking the bank.

When are Wightlink, our council, Bob Seely and Visit Isle of Wight going to do something about this?

This Island thrives on tourism. Without it, it will die.

This is without families that cannot reconnect because of these ridiculous prices.

So many people will be turning to Europe because it is cheaper to buy a flight that pay these prices.

This stretch of water is our roadway to the mainland and Wightlink are letting down its users in so many ways, not just with prices, but with timetables as well.

Please, somebody do something about this. It's not fair.