There is frustration among Isle of Wight Wightlink customers after they found out tonight's (Tuesday's) late night FastCat sailings were cancelled, from a sign placed in the Ryde Pier Head terminal.

The ferry firm insists it sent out communications to customers as soon as it knew of the cancellations.

Written on a piece of paper in black pen, the notice read 'travel update' and said 'these sailings have been CANCELLED'.

A picture of it was shared in the Wightlink Users' Group Facebook page at 11.30am.

At the time of publication, the cancellations were not listed on Wightlink's website.

Some customers using the app say they were notified, but at 12.25pm.

The 9.45pm and the 10.15pm from Portsmouth and the 10.15pm and 11.10pm from Ryde are all off, the company has confirmed.

No reason was given on the sign, but a tweet from the ferry firm, sent at 12.27pm, has since revealed why.

It said the cancellations are 'due to the absence of an essential crew member'.

It apologised for any inconvenience caused and said customers will be able to use the car ferry service.

A statement from Wightlink said: "A minibus will meet foot passengers at Fishbourne who travelled on the 22:00 and 23:00 sailings from Portsmouth car ferry terminal and take them to Ryde.

"We sent out communications to our customers as soon as we knew of the cancellations.

"Pier staff put out a sign in case any of them had not seen the messages."