An Isle of Wight beach has been named as one of the most loved in the UK.

A list of the country's top beaches has been put together using data from social media.

Research looked at the number of TikTok views and Instagram posts each location had.

It found that Seagrove Bay, which sits between Seaview beach and Priory Bay, was one of the most popular.

According to travel and luggage storage website, Bounce, the beach had 5.8 million TikTok views.

While on Instagram, there were 91,105 posts about Seagrove.

It ranks sixth on the overall TikTok UK list and fourth on the Instagram list.

Topping the list was Brighton beach, with over 83 million TikTok views.

Weymouth beach was second with more than 64 million, and Kynance Cove, Mount's Bay, was third with 8.5 million.