Richard Stone, Shanklin:

Clearly there are many people who are concerned about the proposals to close railway ticket offices, including those at Shanklin and Ryde Esplanade.

If Islanders do not want the changes to happen here, I would urge them to participate in the public consultation process.

It is very easy, just send an email to Transport Focus at before July 26, making your comments or saying how the changes will affect you.

If sufficient public comment is received, Transport Focus can formally object to the proposals and ultimately the issues could be referred to the Secretary of State.

It is also possible to sign a parliamentary petition requiring train operating companies to keep ticket offices open and staff on stations.

Just search “parliament open petitions”.

If 100,000 people sign up then a debate in parliament can be triggered.

No matter how strong people’s views, if they do not use these processes the likely conclusion will be that the public is happy with the proposals.